Tanzekind does Berlin

Tanzekind does Berlin

TANZEKIND aka Ann-Kathrin Grebner (also known as Anni) is a creative, blogger and co-founder who is a native of the fashion community and belongs to the Berlin tech and start up scene.  Like any creative, having vision is essential. After a typical day at work she looks for inspirations around the city with friends, business partners & entrepreneurs alike.

#1 Early-morning exercise

"There is hardly anything that makes me happier and more satisfied than exercising in the first few hours of the day – before it even starts. I start with a spinning class, brew some coffee, then check my mails before jumping into the meeting marathon.

Becycle is one of the first Boutique Gyms in Berlin and follows the same principles that made it famous in cities like NYC and LA."


#2 Walking down the sidewalk #InBetweenMeetings

"Berlin is much more than just a big city. Because of its pace, the urban cityscape itself intervenes and influences our everyday lives, traditions and culture.

In contrast, Berlin is also a city which contains many wonderful places that make it possible for us to hide and calm down, whether it’s a simple stroll, the breath-taking architecture or a visit to one to the city’s arthouse cinemas."


#3 Getting inspired @Berlinische Galerie

"Art is a practise and presents a way of living that’s not always easy for me to understand-- That doesn’t mean that I don’t like it any less, however. I love art, especially the places where it is exhibited and how it uses the space is used to convey its messages. These gallery places are quite peaceful, comfortable and especially inspiring for me.

The Berlinische Galerie is one of those places, which I highly recommend. From its collections to its temporary exhibitions, the gallery triggers feelings that get me far away the everyday clutter. The Berlinische Galerie is one of the capital’s youngest museums and collects art created in Berlin from 1870 to the present day - with a local focus and international aspirations."

Photographer: Julia Zierer

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