Frequently Asked Questions

  • • Be careful when inserting heavy items, as doing so may damage or deform the shape of the product
  • • Direct exposure to humidity, moisture, sweat and heat may transfer color or change the shape of the product
  • • Direct exposure to sunlight or illumination may discolor the product
  • • Alcohol and oily substances, such s perfumes or cosmetic products, may damage or contaminate the product
  • • External friction may cause color transfer, contamination and abrasion. (especially, bright colored products)
  • • Products may get scratched or deform from external friction or shock

  • • Store the product in its shape and make sure its handle or shoulder strap does not get pressed under. Put in a dust bag and keep in a dry and cool place
  • • Use soft and dry cloth to gently tap and blot the product
  • • Please do not dry-clean


• Handle with care as the surface of the leather may come off due to external friction, and scales may rise or come off due to external shock


• Products with an embossed logo should be treated with caution as the logo might be bent out of shape under heavy weight
• Logo area of an enamel-coated product may be subject to shifts in color
• Treat embossed leather products with caution as external friction may cause their surface to scale off


• Handle with care as the folding portion may get wrinkled or cracked
• Exposure to sunlight or illumination may cause discoloration
Traces of metallic powder may get on clothing or come off the product


• Handle with care as external pressure may damage the stones
• Bringing the product in contact with another object may scratch the product or damage the other object

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