Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, orders can be returned as normal following our Return policy. Please also note that we are calculating return period from the moment when parcel has been received and will ensure any delays caused by delivery partner either with delivery or return of the orders will not cause issues with returns. Please however note that refund can only be processed once item has been received by the warehouse.

If you are unable to locate a particular product in our Online Store, please write us an email at or call us at +800 8888 1976. Even if your desired product is not currently available online, we would be happy to check its availability at our retail stores.

Please visit our Size Guide here for help in determining your appropriate size.

If you’ve forgotten your password, please click HERE to change it or follow the 'FORGOT PASSWORD' instructions on the Log-in / Registration page.  For security reasons we will be unable to send your password via email.

MCM Online Store is the official and direct operated online distributor for MCM products featured on this website and we unconditionally guarantee that every item we sell is 100% authentic.

Please note that we are unable to comment on the authenticity of any items not purchased from MCM Online Store.

MCM offers seasonal sales twice a year. To receive notifications for exclusive, personalized invitations prior to the start of our sales, as well as for other promotions and events, please click HERE.

For MCM products purchased from, please contact us at

If purchased in a MCM boutique or any other MCM-authorized retailer, please refer directly to them.

Have a question or concern? Our Customer Service team is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m., excluding Bank Holidays.

CALL US 00800 8888 1976